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Post by Phoenix on Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:26 am

Key: SD=SnowDancer Wolves  DR=DarkRiver Leopards  BE=BlackEdge Wolves  BS=BlackSea Changeling


Abbot Arrow: Teleport-capable telekinetic (Tk)
Aden Kai Arrow: Telepath (Tp)
Amin Arrow: Telepath (Tp)
Amara Aleine: Psy member of DR, former Council scientist, twin of Ashaya, mentally unstable
Anthony Kyriakus: Psy Councilor, father of Faith
Ashaya Aleine: Psy member of DR, former Council scientist, mated to Dorian, twin of Amara
Axl Arrow
Cristabel "Cris" Rodriguez Arrow: Sharpshooter, Teacher
Faith NightStar: Psy member of DR, gift of foresight (F), mated to Vaughn, daughter of Anthony, cousin to Sahara
Ida Mill: Psy, leader of group that believes the Silence Protocal is the only right path and that the empaths should be removed from the gene pool
Ivy Jane Zen: President of Empathic Collective, Married to Vasic Zen, Empath (E)
Jaya: Empath (E)
Jen Liu: Psy, matriarch of the Liu Group
Kaleb Krychek: Leader of the Ruling Coalition, Psychically bonded to Sahara Kyriakus, Duel Cardinal, Telepath and Teleport-capable telekinetic (Tp &Tk)
Mica Arrow: Lieutenant of Zaira Neve
Ming LeBon: Former Psy Councilor, military mastermind, Cardinal telepath (Tp)
Nerida Arrow: Telekinetic (Tk)
Nikita Duncan: Former Psy Councilor, part of the Ruling Coalition, mother of Sascha,
Sahara Kyriakus: (uncategorized designation), psychically bonded to Kaleb Kyrchek, niece of Anthony Kyriakus, cousin to Faith
Samuel Rain: Psy, genius, robotics engineer who developed experimental biofusion
Sascha Duncan: Psy member of DR, Cardinal empath (E), mated to Lucas, Mother of Naya, daughter of Nikita
Sienna Lauren: Psy member of SD, Cardinal X, mated to Hawke, Niece of Judd and Walker
Silver Merchant: Senior Aide of Kaleb Krychek, in charge of worldwide rapid response emergency network that spans all three races
Sophia Russo: Former Justice Psy, married to Max Shannon, aide to Nikita Duncan
Vasic Zen Arrow: Teleporter (Tk-V), married to Ivy Jane Zen
Walker Lauren: Psy member of SD, mated to Lara
Yuri Arrow: Telepath (Tp)
Zaira Neve Arrow: Telepath (combat)


Andrew "Drew" Kincaid: SD Tracker, mated to indigo, brother of Riley and Brenna
Gregori: BE Lieutenant
Griffin: BS Changeling, Lieutenant
Hawke Snow: SD Alpha, mated to Sienna
Lara: SD Healer, mated to Walker
Lucas Hunter: DR Alpha, mated to Sascha, father of Naya
Malachai: BS Changeling, Lieutenant
Mercy: DR Sentinel, mated to Riley
Miane Leveque: BS Alpha
Nathan Ryder: DR Senior Sentinel, mated to Tamsyn, father of Roman and Julian
Riaz Delagdo: SD Lieutenant, mated to Adria
Riley Kincaid: SD Lieutenant, mated to Mercy, brother of Drew and Brenna
Selenka Durev: BE Alpha
Tamsyn "Tammy" Ryder: DR Healer, mated to Nathan, mother of Roman and Julian


Bowen "Bo" Knight: Security Chief, Human Alliance
Max Shannon: Security Chief for Nikita Duncan, married to Sophia Russo

Davraj Santos: Leader of the Forgotten (Psy who defected from the PsyNet at the dawn of Silence and intermingled with the human and changeling populations), married to Katya Haas

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